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NLRC Christmas SJ
If you would like your picture to be submitted to equestrian life please leave your name and horses name in the comments under your favorite picture.
Please don't forget to leave your details on your favourite picture for submission to Equestrian Life.
I Hope that I have managed to get the classes right please let me know if you think they are wrong. The colours will be adjusted before pictures are printed but please remember the lights in Kenwick are rubbish and turn all the pictures orange when the light is bad.
SWNPC Indoor XC Kenwick
I need some details please as soon as possible to send pictures to equestrian life.
South Elkington Hunter Trial
If you were placed in one of the classes please put your name and your ponies/horses name in the comments section under the picture if you would like it to be sent for submission into equestrian life. Please only comment on 1 image.