Eagle Moor SJ and Dressage 170917
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Eagle Moor Dressage portfolio
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Eagle Moor SJ portfolio
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Eagle Moor Championship Presentations portfolio
Moulton Show 2017
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Moulton show Dogs portfolio
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Moulton Show Working Hunter portfolio
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Moulton Show Ridden and Driving portfolio
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Burton PC ODE Norton Disney
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Burton ODE 1m portfolio
Baston Show
I did not personally photograph the working hunter ring and it would appear that there was a class with no entries. Unfortunately I do not know which class. If you find your pictures are in the wrong class please let me know. Gill
Belvoir Castle Ride 2017
If you would like any of the pictures cropped please just message us.

Steve and Gill
North Lincs Riding Club Spring Show
There are still some more SJ pics to come but unfortunately the dog ate the charger cable for the laptop and it went flat before Kirsty could get them sent over to me. We will get them on asap. (Do you think this is the equivalent of the dog ate my homework) Gill
The photographs may not be in full chronological order as the camera went to 9999 and then started again at 0001 so the website has automatically put the 0001 numbers on first so please have a good look through. Thanks Gill
Raw Equine Indoor XC Laughton Manor 080117
All of the pictures are now on the website, sorry for the delay, please blame Kirsty's internet provider who picked the worst time to go down. :)
Hill House SJ 080117
If you were placed in any of the Pony Club qualifiers today could you please put you name, your ponies name and your Pony Club Branch in the comments section of your favourite image.

Thanks. Gill